AcceleDent might be the biggest breakthrough in orthodontia in years. This new technology has been proven to accelerate treatment by up to 50%! Imagine wearing braces for nine months instead of eighteen. 

That is now possible thanks to this new device called AcceleDent Aura. The technology was inspired by decades of research that showed that the application of small vibrations significantly speed up the mending of broken bones. The company that produces AcceleDent is applying similar technology to tooth movement, and it really works. 

What’s nice about AcceleDent is that it’s safe, gentle and you use it for just 20 minutes a day. It’s completely hands-free. Just turn it on, insert the mouthpiece between your teeth and hold it there for 20 minutes while you watch TV, check your computer, you can do almost anything while using the device. AcceleDent applies micropulses to your jawbone and speeds the rate at which you teeth move into the right position. Also, a lot of patients tell us they like the sensation AcceleDent provides, and that using it significantly lessens the discomfort that can sometimes accompany wearing braces. 

We have many patients who have a deadline they want to meet to get their braces off. They’re getting married, graduating, heading out on a big vacation. To them, AcceleDent has given them a big advantage in getting their new smile in time for the big event.