Here at Justice Orthodontics we are committed to providing the latest in orthodontic advancements in order to offer our patients the best possible treatment for their smile. Serving the Acworth, Kennesaw, Hiram, and Dallas, GA communities, our treatments include innovative solutions ranging from Invisalign, to invisible clear braces so we are proud to now offer the latest in advanced 3D imaging technology with the Kodak 9000C.

Kodak 9000C 3D Imaging

The Kodak 9000C is a powerful diagnostic tool that gives our office the ability to take localized three-dimensional images while using less radiation. By using a combination of one-shot cephalometric technology and high quality panoramic imaging, this machine provides a complete orthodontic imaging system. With this development in 3D imaging, Dr. Justice can capture high-resolution images in less time to give his patients more accurate diagnoses and improved treatment planning, when necessary.

Benefits of the Kodak 9000C

With its cutting edge technology, the Kodak 9000C has numerous benefits:

  • The 9000C provides localized imaging, so it only focuses on the area being diagnosed, reducing the area of exposure to radiation.
  • The images are high-resolution, providing Dr. Justice with clear images of his patient’s mouth while maintaining low exposure to the patient. These images can easily be shared with your dentist via email, at no additional cost to the patient.
  • It only takes a few seconds to capture the high-resolution image, so we can provide our patients with a fast and accurate diagnosis.

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